Category: Points in betting

Nov - 10

Lounging the points-mean around sports activities

Understanding Point Spreads In Sport Betting The popularity of the point spread bet in the NFL is equally shared by NBA bettors and it works essentially the same way. Finally, spread betting keeps many otherwise uninteresting games worth watching. Sure,…

Nov - 09

Putting the points-mean in activities

What Does +1 5 Mean In Sports Betting? Boston Celtics+8Los Angeles Lakers-8In this example, if you bet on the Lakers, they would have to win by five or more points for you to win. If they win by four, this…

Nov - 08

Installing the particular points-mean inside activities

Understanding Point Spreads In Sport Betting is not supported by or linked to any professional, college or university league, association, or team. For further guidelines please visit our responsible online gambling page. Betting against the spread on the NFL…