Buy and sell Reference and�Effect on Enterprise

Aug - 26

Buy and sell Reference and�Effect on Enterprise

How To Spot Good And Bad Trade References

The figures can also be used to judge and set your own limit with the applicant. If the amount of credit sought by the applicant is significantly higher than the amount indicated by the references then perhaps you might want to proceed with caution and the case might warrant further investigation. Try and ask for trade references where the applicant has had trade dealings for at least one to two years. Find out if the reference provided is a primary or secondary supplier to the applicant. Generally we tend to give preferential treatment to our Primary suppliers on which our business depends. Checking whether the reference is a primary or secondary supplier to the applicant might help reduce that particular anomaly.

Excellent trade references contribute to good business credit scores. Some of the companies you pay on terms will report payments to business credit reporting agencies. On-time payments on these accounts can help you build business credit.

When filling out a credit application for business financing, you might be asked to provide names of the vendors or suppliers so your payment history can be verified. Trade references are not accepted from companies that already report information to these agencies. This includes banks, credit card companies, and businesses legally related to your company. Additionally, the source of a trade reference must be of sound repute and cannot be from companies that have requested anonymity, have no business credit file of their own or have been proven to be untrustworthy. Struggling companies that wish to maintain a prime credit rating may become adept at prioritizing their debt and supplier payments. Using cash flow to pay bank loans and larger suppliers while putting off smaller businesses can create a misleading credit profile.

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If they do, be sure to monitor your business credit reports to see which ones report payment history. (You can check and monitor your business credit for free at If you don’t have any existing relationships that will allow you to buy on credit, consider working with companies that extend vendor credit. Conventional commercial credit reporting agencies such as Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax use the information provided to build a more accurate business credit report and profile. Due to the nature of the information, suppliers can submit positive or negative payment experiences.

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